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“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ― R. Buckminster Fuller

Lynk & Co Sharing Experience
Anywhere familiar.
December, 2017
Service Design
Quadro is a collection of lamps with basic geometric elements, including a table lamp, a floor lamp, a wall lamp and a pendant lamp. The combination of circle and square conveys the oriental aesthetics in modern aesthetic expression. Quadro是一个应用基本几何元素的灯具设计系列,包含台灯、落地灯、壁灯和吊灯。圆形和方形的结合在后现代主义审美的趋势中隐喻了传统的东方美学。
August, 2017
Product Design
Upcycling textile waste transformation process for DIY material design 针对纺织废弃物升级再造的材料设计
July, 2017
Material Design
Smart hat
Smart hat is an innovative hard hat integrated with remote assistance, VR recording and LED lighting. It is designed for mining workers, electric workers, construction workers, etc. 智能安全帽项目应用虚拟现实技术,在传统安全帽外形的国家标准下整合视频录制和远程协助功能,从而提高施工效率和安全等级。
June, 2017
Design for Innovation
Sharp U
What about the microwave oven’s interaction and experience can be improved and how? 如何提升夏普微波炉烤箱一体机的用户体验呢?
June, 2016
Design for Interaction
Atmos, an artificial tree, enables everyday commuters to, for once, step outside of their comfort zone, and to experience the creation of music together with other travelers. Open up your isolated coccoon, and see the bigger picture. Atmos是一个创造交互体验的人造树,把在火车站里焦躁等待中的乘客从手机中解救出来,与其他旅行者一起体验音乐创作的乐趣。
June, 2016
Design for Interaction
A wearable electronic music glove enables you to entertain and compose everywhere. Druma is working when it is connecting with a smartphone, a PC or a speaker with bluetooth. Adjust the settings by your preference and touch the table or your legs wearing the glove. Music is generated physically. 这款可穿戴的音乐手套能够让用户随时随地享受创作的乐趣。Druma能够与各种移动终端连接,调节终端上的设置,就能通过用户指间的碰撞产生不同风格的音乐。
January, 2016
Design for Interaction
A ring emerges from a surface - a set of tableware. 圆环浮现——餐具系列
December, 2015
Product Design
A divider rationalising space in three positions in terms of different purposes of usability, allowing a glimpse of what's behind; as well as a decorative object that reinterprets poetically an icon of Chinese tradition with contemporary language. 玄木能够将空间进行三种不同形式的分割,形式上用现代语言诠释了中国传统美学。
July, 2015
Furniture Design
MIserve & MIscappa
Online booking camping and locating mobile toilet service utilizing abandoned resource in Milan. 在线预订露营地点和装备,创造城市移动卫生间服务,旨 在再利用米兰城中废弃资源。
February, 2015
Service Design
Vodafone in Rete
Based on Vodafone's platform, we created a service for those lovely elderly people in order to enrich their daily activities as well as get closer with others through network. 依托沃达丰现有平台,针对通讯市场的老年人用户群策划新的服务与商业形式,从而帮助沃达丰开拓老年用户市场,丰富老年人的日常生活。
January, 2015
Service Design